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I’ve been sharing insights through my blog and newsletter for the past year. My approach is to simplify complex topics. You’ll discover posts about the latest technologies catching my interest alongside my professional growth and learning journey. As I evolve in my career, I enjoy passing on the knowledge I’ve gained.

Streamlining GitHub Releases with Conventional Commits

This article will guide you through the process of automating your release cycle on GitHub, by exploring how to set up automatic releases using conventional commits, Commitlint, and Husky, starting with the concept of conventional commits and going on to the technical setup.

Crafting an Efficient Data Layer with NestJS and Mongoose

This guide offers a comprehensive walkthrough on creating a NestJS project from scratch, focusing on integrating DAOs to enhance data handling efficiency and maintainability.

Adaptive Favicons in Next.js

Adaptive Favicons in Next.js

Jan 19, 2024 - 9 min read -

Explore adaptive favicons in this comprehensive article, learning about their critical role in web branding, UX, and best practices with a practical guide in Next.js.

Theoretical Foundations of REST APIs in Simple Terms

Discover the essentials of REST APIs in this concise, beginner-friendly guide. Learn the basics of API and the key principles of RESTful architecture, and deeply examine each component.

Mongoose Middleware Explained

Mongoose Middleware Explained

Oct 26, 2023 - 9 min read -

This article aims to explain Mongoose middleware, while exploring the different types and some real-world use cases.

A Comprehensive Guide to Connect Google Fit API with Express.js

Learn how to integrate Google Fit API with the Express.js app and fetch user fitness data through different approaches. Ideal for developers looking for a comprehensive understanding of this powerful API integration.


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